‘Halo 4’ updates announced, Spartan Ops going on break until January

 ‘Halo 4’ updates announced, Spartan Ops going on break until January

According to the most recent Halo Bulletin after this Monday’s episode of Spartan Ops the series will go on a planned hiatus until sometime in January. 343 claims this is due to the recently announced Halo 4 Infinity Challenge and the new Crimson Map Pack, but in reality this is probably a good idea on the teams part. Critics have been all over the fact that each space is simply reused and rehashed over and over and the break will no doubt give the team some time to do a little more.

On the competitive multiplayer front, Team Regicide performed well enough to stick around for another week while King of the Hill is going to find itself removed and replaced by the Crimson Map Pack playlist. In addition to confirming that a new Title Update is on the way they also said that they’ll be fixing that tiny issue with ordinance drops not happening correctly in Haven – that one will release on Monday, however, there’s no word on when the TU will propagate.

The six v. six playlist for the new DLC will consist of the following gametypes and maps:

  •  Infinity Slayer – Shatter
  • Capture the Flag – Shatter
  • Extraction – Shatter
  • King of the Hill – Shatter
  • Infinity Slayer – Wreckage
  • Capture the Flag – Wreckage
  • King of the Hill – Wreckage
  • Oddball – Wreckage
  • Infinity Slayer – Harvest
  • Capture the Flag – Harvest
  • King of the Hill – Harvest

Some Crimson maps will also find their way into some other playlists including:

  •  Infinity Slayer – Harvest
  • Big Team Infinity Slayer – Wreckage and Shatter
  • Dominion – Shatter
  • Capture the Flag – Harvest and Wreckage
  • SWAT – Harvest
  • Team Slayer Pro – Harvest

343 promises that those who don’t have the DLC will be matched up with those who also lack the content, but they’ll also be able to adjust this each week.

If you’re interested in more information regarding Halo 4 make sure to watch this weekend’s Video Game Awards on Spike as it will apparently contain a sneak peak at what’s coming during the second half of the Spartan Ops season.

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