Creative Assembly to make Games Workshop games

 Creative Assembly to make Games Workshop games

File this one under “That makes a lot of sense”. SEGA-owned The Creative Assembly, masterminds behind the Total War franchise, has recently announced a partnership with Games Workshop (The Warhammer guys) to make games based off of their IP. Now, before you start really losing your mind, this deal doesn’t include the Warhammer 40,000 IP; that one still belongs to THQ, somehow. Don’t go expecting a Warhammer game anytime soon, though. The studio was quoted as saying any Warhammer game produced wouldn’t be around until “after 2013”.

As someone who’s always wanted to get into the table-top series, but didn’t want to fork out for models and paints, this is pretty great news. Even though I’m absolutely terrible at real-time strategy, I think I’d be willing to wrap my head around the concept if I get to control an entire army of Orks. But what I would do for a proper turn-based strategy game in the Warhammer universe…

Are you guys excited by this move, or will you stick to lead figures? Let us know in the comments, or yell at us in the forums.

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