‘Pikmin 3’ delayed to Q2 2013, but enjoy a new trailer

 ‘Pikmin 3’ delayed to Q2 2013, but enjoy a new trailer

When the Wii U was first unveiled, one of the marquee titles that Shigeru Miyamoto showcased was a new game in the Pikmin series. What we didn’t know was when Pikmin 3 would come out. It wasn’t a launch day title but it was announced for ‘launch window’ so anywhere between the launch of the Wii U and March 2013. Get ready to go back to the garden and plant (unless it’s winter) because you’ll be waiting a little bit longer.

In the latest Nintendo Direct, they went into more detail with the game. They showcased some new environments, great graphical textures and adorable creatures to boot. But the biggest bummer was the announcement of a new release window of Q2 2013. This means it can come out anywhere between April and June. Kind of a bummer, seeing how that’s the only other first-party Nintendo title we know about.

But in the meantime, enjoy this new trailer for Pikmin 3:

Looking forward to Pikmin 3 but hate the agonizing wait? Let us know in the comments below or post your favourite Pikmin in our forums

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