Next ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC developed by BioWare Edmonton, might make you cry

 Next ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC developed by BioWare Edmonton, might make you cry

Last week, the latest DLC for Mass Effect 3 came in to some good to tepid reactions (listen for Ross’s take on it on our podcast). But after BioWare Montreal’s efforts, BioWare Edmonton and lead writer Mac Walters return for a new bit of DLC.

Not only just the lead writer of ME3 is writing but all the previous DLC writers, bringing up the count of writers to eight. Chief Composer Sam Hulick is returning after an absence from the past DLCs after making music for the Extended Cut endings. He even tweeted this:


Looks like we’ll be collecting our tears for this one. Other cool news is that voice actors Seth Green (voice of Joker) has been enticed to come back and Raphael Sbarge (voice of Kaidan) has started recording lines in October. No new squad mate dialogue was used in previous DLC so this marks a first.

Hacked files from older DLC suggest that this will take place on the Citadel. Unsure what this means and how it’ll work within the lore of the game and how it ends. Time will tell. But this will be the fifth DLC so maybe they’re ending it after this? Who knows. But we’ll keep you updated on whatever this new DLC will become.

Will this mark the end of DLC coming to Mass Effect 3? Let us know what you think in the comments or forums

Source: Eurogamer via Polygon

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