‘The Last of Us’ pre-order card dates Spring 2013 release

 ‘The Last of Us’ pre-order card dates Spring 2013 release

Just a while ago, we posted a teaser for an upcoming trailer for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. We’re hoping to learn more about the release of the game – specifically, a date – during this weekend’s Video Game Awards. Now, we might have learned more about a definitive release window.

Someone sent in a photo to IGN of a pre-order card for the game from Wal-Mart. Looks pretty normal? Except for the Spring 2013 date is something we had no idea about. Spring begins around March/April time and March is already dominated by God of War: Ascension. Sony commented on the article with a firm ‘no comment’ and ‘Wal-Mart is speculating’.

Now if Beyond: Two Souls is coming out in May, then April might be more likely. But damn Sony, three first-party games in the matter of three months? You getting around to make sure everything comes out in an orderly fashion.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about The Last of Us on Friday and when the story trailer hits on Monday, December 10.

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Source: IGN

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