Ninja Theory deny rumors of working on new Onimusha game

 Ninja Theory deny rumors of working on new Onimusha game

Apparently there are been some rumors going around that Ninja Theory, the developer currently working on the Devil May Cry reboot (DmC), are also working on a new Onimusha game. Onimusha is a hack and slash which takes Japanese history and injects supernatural elements into the mix, and like Devil May Cry it’s a Capcom franchise. Though we’ve not seen a game in the series for almost six years.

The interesting thing about this particular rumor is that Ninja Theory themselves have seen fit to debunk it via their twitter account. On the 3rd of Decemeber they tweeted:

It’s not often a developer comes right out and comments on rumors, usually they’ll give a very generic no comment. Really it’s hard to know what to make of this, it could be that Ninja Theory got so many questions about the rumor that they felt the need to shoot it down. But they could also be working on that very game, afterall DmC looks set to be a pretty great reboot of a Capcom franchise, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility they’d want Ninja Theory to take a stab at something else. And it wouldn’t be the first time a developer has flat out lied about a game they’re making. Only time will tell.

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