‘The Last of Us’ teaser leads up to December 10 reveal

 ‘The Last of Us’ teaser leads up to December 10 reveal

Ever since E3, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us has left an incredible impression. The post-apocalyptic nature, the relationship between main characters Joel and Ellie, and the fact that it’s the second game Naughty Dog has made in one generation (unless you count kart racers). Now we have a 30 second tease where Joel says “We don’t have to do this” as he lifts a weapon. Check it out below for yourself:


We’ll be seeing a full story trailer next Monday which is an agonizing wait. Think we’ll get anything at the Spike Video Game Awards this weekend? Geoff Keighly did tweet about something being shown on Friday. Who’s to say what it is! More shotguns to the face? Will we see more of the weird monsters from the very first trailer? We’ll find out either this weekend or next week.

But seriously, how good does The Last of Us look? Let us know in the comments below or post in our forums

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