Steam Big Picture Mode released to the masses

 Steam Big Picture Mode released to the masses

Remember all the talk of a so-called Steam Box that would be Valve’s answer to the game console? Well, don’t hold your breath for that. But in the meantime, Big Picture Mode just got a public release, and that kinda turns your PC into a console!

For those that don’t recall, Big Picture Mode gives Steam a controller (and HDTV) friendly UI face-lift that allows full control of the menus with just about any USB gamepad. There are over 40 games with complete controller support, and 300+ with partial support for gamepads. And to celebrate the occasion, a Steam Sale is going on for those games that support Big Picture Mode. Included in the discounts are Portal 2Mark of the NinjaSine Mora, and more! I’ll be trying Big Picture Mode on my television tonight, and will tweet out my thoughts.

Excited about connecting your huge desktop to your television? Let us know in the comments, or gab away on our forum.

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