‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ non-lethal takedown video

 ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ non-lethal takedown video

With Splinter Cell: Blacklist releasing soon, we have arrived at that time when the developer starts to show us some new footage of the game. Earlier today, Ubisoft released a video detailing the non-lethal takedowns Sam Fisher can perform on his enemies.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist follows the events of Conviction with the termination of the Third Echelon organization. The President of the United States instead creates a new organization headed by Fisher and composed of operatives around the world to stop Blacklist, a terrorist organization focused solely on attacking the United States. In response the President initiates the 5th Freedom, giving Sam Fisher limitless authority and resources to stop the terrorists. Blacklist will continue with the action-stealth hybrid gameplay found in Conviction, and will add additional features such as Killing in Motion, a more mobile version of the Mark and Execute feature pioneered in the previous game.

The game will release in the spring of next year. Will you be picking it up? Tell us in the comments, or discuss your opinion on the new direction of the series in our forums!

[youtube id=”_pAsXoND-eI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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