‘Madden NFL 13’ Ultimate Team Draft Duels arrive today

 ‘Madden NFL 13’ Ultimate Team Draft Duels arrive today

If you’ve played an EA SPORTS title in recent years it’s very likely that you’ve at least dabbled in an Ultimate Team mode. Players earn coins which allow them to buy “packs” of cards that have various players included at random. Better players are in more expensive packs, and as you can imagine, the mode gets quite addictive.

The mode has proven to be rather successful in Madden NFL 13, and EA SPORTS will be rewarding fans today for their dedication by adding a new option to the mode. Today, Ultimate Team Draft Duels will go live in the game bringing a new spin to the competitive matches offered.

Draft Duels brings a unique twist to Madden Ultimate Team, as fans will take turns selecting players not only from their own special Draft Duels packs, but their opponent’s Draft Duels packs as well. Each round, players choose one NFL star to add to their team, and then swap packs. This back-and-forth challenge continues until all players have been claimed, at which point a head-to-head game begins. Strategy plays an important role, as not only must fans try and craft the best team possible, but they also have to keep their opponent from claiming too many highly-rated players.

Madden Ultimate Team Draft Duels are chock full of rewards, as every match offers the opportunity to claim coins and/or player profile packs based on who drafted the best team and who wins the head-to-head matchup. The bigger the match the better the prizes, with the biggest competitions offering huge coin payouts or exclusive player profile packs. Best of all, no one goes home empty-handed after a Draft Duel, as each fan gets to keep all the players they selected for their team.

Fans have complained quite a bit that competitive matches are a bit unfair if you’re new to the mode. Veterans of the mode will have incredibly stacked teams leaving newbies to the mode unable to compete with that same depth of player talent.

The addition of Draft Duels allows players to be on an even playing field and brings a new element of strategy to the Madden series. Players have the ability to earn coins or packs from not only winning the match, but from drafting the best team as well.

What do you think about Madden NFL 13‘s Ultimate Team Draft Duels? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Madden NFL 13 in our forums.

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