Rumor: First ‘Destiny’ gameplay to be unveiled during VGAs

 Rumor: First ‘Destiny’ gameplay to be unveiled during VGAs

Earlier this week, the first real look at Bungie’s upcoming title Destiny was leaked to various media outlets. With incredible concept art and a heavy focus on being very “social”, more mentions of the title being a console MMO have emerged.

The original documents that leaked for the game mentioned that we could expect a 2013 release leading us to believe that the media barrage for the game is on the immediate horizon. How immediate, you ask? Recent tips we’ve received combined with Twitter conversations of industry professionals have us believing that Destiny will be unveiled at the 2012 Video Game Awards.

With this year’s Video Game Awards being the tenth in the series there’s no doubt that gaming companies are looking to use it as their platform for showcasing their titles. Bungie’s title is expected to be release next holiday which would typically mean that the first trailer we’ll see will be either all CGI or an extremely short gameplay trailer with a cryptic message. With no other big stage available for a wide gaming audience until PAX East, we’re fully expecting Destiny to have a presence at the 2012 Video Game Awards.

Do you think that Destiny will see its first footage next Friday? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Destiny in our forums.

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