New 3G Vita bundle contains PlayStation Plus, ‘Unit 13’


If you missed the fantastic Black Friday deals for the PlayStation Vita, you still have a chance to get a hot off on the handheld before the holidays. A 3G bundle including a game and full year of PlayStation Plus is here to stuff some stockings.

Just what will you get if you drop the $300? Well, included is a black 3G Vita, a year of PlayStation Plus and all of its goodies, a download code for the tactical shooter Unit 13 and a 4GB memory stick. Not too bad for such a powerful piece of tech.

The normal 3G Vita has been retailing on its own for $300, so let’s just say this is a pretty nifty deal. Look for it in North America next week.

So, are you finally going to drop the cash on a Vita? Did you happen to pick one up during Black Friday? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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