New 3G Vita bundle contains PlayStation Plus, ‘Unit 13’

 New 3G Vita bundle contains PlayStation Plus, ‘Unit 13’

If you missed the fantastic Black Friday deals for the PlayStation Vita, you still have a chance to get a hot off on the handheld before the holidays. A 3G bundle including a game and full year of PlayStation Plus is here to stuff some stockings.

Just what will you get if you drop the $300? Well, included is a black 3G Vita, a year of PlayStation Plus and all of its goodies, a download code for the tactical shooter Unit 13 and a 4GB memory stick. Not too bad for such a powerful piece of tech.

The normal 3G Vita has been retailing on its own for $300, so let’s just say this is a pretty nifty deal. Look for it in North America next week.

So, are you finally going to drop the cash on a Vita? Did you happen to pick one up during Black Friday? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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