‘EA Sports UFC’ confirmed for consoles & PC, live event integration

 ‘EA Sports UFC’ confirmed for consoles & PC, live event integration

It should go without saying that EA Sports UFC was expected to be arriving on consoles, but in an interview with IGN, EA Sports VP Andrew Wilson revealed that it would also be coming to PC and will include live event integration.

The live event integration, which is available on all of the aforementioned platforms, will allow players to connect to broadcasts of UFC events.

We took on the UFC this year, we signed that deal, Dana and I put that deal together. We’re very excited about that deal but the reality is, you know, right now I’m touring up not just one development team, I’m touring up a whole series of teams. The team that’s gonna build the core engine. The team that’s gonna build features for console, features for PC, features for mobile phone. The team that’s gonna run a live service that connects UFC fans to the broadcasts and the Pay-per-view events; connect you with what’s going on in the fight world. It’s a very big challenge for us, taking on new stuff.

I know Josiah is crazy for the UFC and was probably going to pick this game up, regardless, but has this swayed any of you that were on the fence? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our forums to discuss armbars or whatever it is UFC people talk about.

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