Dragon Age 3 now a next-gen title

 Dragon Age 3 now a next-gen title

The big rumor of the day is that BioWare has shifted focus on Dragon Age 3, and has made it a next-gen title. At least, that’s what Kotaku’s super sleuth Superannuation seems to think. According to a LinkedIn profile (how else do you find out about new projects?), the “scope of the project has changed, which will target next gen platforms, and will be postponed until 2014”.

A rumor that made the rounds back in May stated that one of EA’s key games was getting delayed from fiscal 2013, to fiscal 2014. It’d certainly explain Dragon Age 3’s tardiness, and give BioWare extra development time. Two things stick out for me, though. Firstly, how are players going to import their saves from one console to the next? If that’s even a thing BioWare is doing with the third installment. Secondly, and this is just my own speculation, but could we see Dragon Age 3 as a launch title for a new Xbox? Fiscal 2014 is anywhere between April 1, and March 31, 2015. I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to secure one hell of a launch line-up for the new Xbox, and launching with the latest installment of a well-beloved RPG series is a great way to introduce a console.

Are you guys excited about this possibility? Should I finally start playing Dragon Age? Let me know in the comments, or let’s chat in the forums.

via Kotaku

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