Crimson Map Pack coming to ‘Halo 4’ on December 10

 Crimson Map Pack coming to ‘Halo 4’ on December 10

Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced the release date for the first Halo 4 map pack. The Crimson Map Pack will include three new maps, Harvest, Shatter and Wreckage, it will also see the Extraction gametype added to matchmaking. Extraction is a 5 on 5 objective gametype in which teams must defend supplies as they are extracted, it is currently only playable via custom games. You can get a look at all the maps in the trailer and screenshots below.

Shatter is a large vehicle based map, which will have plenty of Warthogs and Mantis’ to play with. It’s described as being “ideal for Dominion and Extraction,” both of which are large scale objective gametypes. Harvest is a smaller map, with lots interiors for intimate face-offs between the reds and blues. Finally Wreckage is another mid-sized map with potential for some vehicle combat and described as “great for King of the Hill and Regicide.”

The Crimson Map back will be free to Limited Edition owners or those who have already purchased the Wargames Season Pass (currently 2,000 MSP). Otherwise it will set you back 800 MSP upon its December 10 release.

[youtube id=”w67gkN15Ics” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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