‘Borderlands 2’ patch in Microsoft certification, fixes freezing issue for some users


Are you having issues with Borderlands 2 freezing on the Xbox 360? Well, there may be some good news in your not-so-distant future. Chris Faylor, community manager at Gearbox, has confirmed that a patch is scheduled to be released next week that may fix this problem for some users.

“We’re hesitant to say it will address all instances due to the possibility of there being other factors exhibiting similar behavior,” he commented. “That’s something we’re continuing to investigate and dig into with the assistance of Microsoft.”

“We’re optimistic that this will help in at least some cases and will allow us to better diagnose / address any remaining causes.”

Faylor was unable to state what exactly was causing the problem, but he believes “that the corruption of some profile-level data can be one of the major contributors to freezing behavior.”

It’s a frustrating issue that progressively gets worse over time, especially for those who bought the Season Pass and have already had to deal with the Badass Rank reset bug as well. As we hope for the best, stay tuned for updates.

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