‘Dragon’s Dogma’ receiving hard mode and time attack DLC

 ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ receiving hard mode and time attack DLC

Despite its many faults, Dragon’s Dogma was still a great experiment in the world of RPGs, and we’ll soon have a reason to play it again. Initially discovered by the internet sleuths over at NeoGAF, release info for upcoming DLC was found on Capcom’s Japanese blog. The two pieces of content, both of which will be completely free, will add a hard mode and time attack mode.

Specifics are sparse, but we do know what rewards will come with each. Finishing the hard mode will net players a King’s Robe, the Abyss hardware set, and the Edman equipment set. Time attack brings along its own rewards as well, granting those who finish it the Serena item for female characters, and the Burnaby clothing set for males. Both modes will release in all territories December 4th.

Will this be enough to entice you back into the world of Dragon’s Dogma? Let us know in the comments below.

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