Rumor: 3DS getting permanent price drop in two weeks


A user over at the Cheap Ass Gamer forums has just posted a thread stating that the Nintendo 3DS will be getting a permanent price drop in two weeks time, just in time for Christmas. Though we cannot confirm the price drop as the user, htz, does not wish to reveal their source at this time.

According to htz the regular 3DS will see a drop from $169.99 to $139.99. A new bundle for the 3DS XL is also mentioned, which will see the console paired with Mario Kart 7 for $199.99.

With no proper source, these should obviously be taken with a grain of salt for now. But if you were thinking of picking up a 3DS as a Christmas gift, you may want to hold off a couple of weeks just to make sure. We’ll of course update if we get confirmation.

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