Let’s fund the LA Game Space Kickstarter!

 Let’s fund the LA Game Space Kickstarter!

The current state of games is kinda crummy, when you look at it. Call of Medal Warfield tops every chart in existence, DRM and online passes ruin otherwise great games, publishers forcing multiplayer and co-op gimmicks down your throat. And that’s just for titles from big publishers. Things can be different. Remember when games would challenge your perceptions of a piece of media? Remember¬†Portal?

The LA Game Space wants to foster that kind of innovation. But they need your help.

The mission of the LA Game Space is pretty simple: To help create a resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come. What the organization aims to do is to have a place where designers, coders, artists, just about anyone from any walk of life with an idea for a great game can come together and make art together. Through residencies, research labs, workshops, exhibitions, and guest speakers, the best and brightest minds in the games industry can come together and really instigate some change. All it takes is a few dollars.

The rewards are pretty sweet, the most popular one being 30 games for a $15 donation. And these just aren’t cruddy little Tiger Handheld games. No no, these are games from the creators of Katamari Damacy, Hotline Miami, Adventure Time, Super Meat Boy, and so many more. There isn’t much time left, though. Fundraising ends on Dec. 7, and they’re not quite half-way funded.

We can do this. If you want to help shape the future of the greatest art form forever, donate now.

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