‘Hitman: Absolution’ Easter egg features an ice cream truck

Part of the fun of playing video games over the years has been stumbling upon various Easter eggs that almost force you to laugh. Even with the serious vibe you might think the series would promote, you’ll find your fair share of goofy or funny incidents.

After making your way through a portion of Hitman: Absolution, you’ll be given the option to kill an individual with an ice cream truck. DuringĀ End of the Road, you’ll need the help of a few birds to stir up this Easter egg.

Continue viewing below for a full guide on how to trigger the ice cream truck.

Have you been able to pull of this kill in the game? What’s the best Easter egg you’ve discovered in Hitman: Absolution? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Hitman: Absolution in our forums.

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