New Halo 4 War Games playlists set for next week

 New Halo 4 War Games playlists set for next week

Tired of every multiplayer shooter being team based? 343 Industries feels for you. Next week sees a playlist update to include new Free for All options to classic Halo gametypes Oddball and King of the Hill. Starting Monday, you’ll be able to take on the world in Haven, Adrift, Complex, Solace and Abandon, with some slight rules variants. Each game lasts 12 minutes, and you’ll see victory at 100 and 50 points in Oddball and King of the Hill respectively.

I, for one, can’t wait to try out these gametypes. As an old school Halo fan, I spent most of high school playing very similar free for all variants. How about you guys? Will I see you online, or will you chump out? Talk smack here in the comments, and be sure to leave your gamertag in the forums so we can be best friends.

via OXM

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