With the right mods, you can make Skyrim look next-gen

 With the right mods, you can make Skyrim look next-gen

One modder has made The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim look like a next-generation game using about 100 mods.

Head over to modder Unreal’s website to find out just what mods he used, sort of, what his system specifications are, and more. With so many modifications running at once and so many different combinations running at once, Unreal was unable to keep track of which screenshots had which mods running at the same time.

One thing he does point out, though, is that the grass-enhancing mods that he used were the most detrimental to the frame rate, dropping the frame rate down as low as five and as high as 30 FPS.

It’s truly amazing what some talented people can do to a videogame that allows for an open modding community. In fact, with the community and the work it produces being so varied, it stands to reason that there is someone running a version of Skyrim that looks even better than this.

Do you run mods on any of your games? What do you think of the visuals of these screenshots? Let us know in the comments or head over to the forums to chat about it.

Via Kotaku

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