‘Super Hexagon’ coming to Steam on November 27

 ‘Super Hexagon’ coming to Steam on November 27

Super Hexagon is one of the craziest puzzle games to come out of recent memory. When it launched on iOS, it made people get lost in the world of shapes and avoiding every line they can see to make it out alive. Now, PC and Mac users can get in on the fun as it’s coming to Steam.

Creator Terry Cavanagh unveiled on his blog that it’ll be releasing November 27 on Steam. Terry was hoping to have it done sooner but he had to re-write the entire game in C++, so you’ll be getting a PC/Mac version strictly made for those platforms. Just as the high-density visuals looked great on the iPhone, they’ll look even more crisp on whatever PC monitor or iMac screen you have.

It’ll be priced at $2.99 but Terry’s hoping to have a small discount for the game with help from Valve. It will also have leaderboard support which will get mighty hairy once the craziest scores get on the map. I’ve almost beaten the Hardest difficulty but I’ll finally unlock all six difficulties. Check out the mind-numbing trailer below:

Does your mind have what it takes to complete Super Hexagon? Let us know in the comments below.

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