Next Xbox rumors hit, mention Blu-Ray & Kinect 2.0

 Next Xbox rumors hit, mention Blu-Ray & Kinect 2.0

Over the weekend, the good people over at CVG got their hands on the final issue of UK magazine Xbox World. While that would be nothing special in most circumstances, the cover story of this particular issue was an eight page feature detailing everything about the next Xbox console.

Rumored specifications include a Blu-Ray drive, 8GBs of RAM, USB 3.0 ports, AV ports that allow broadcast television to be recorded, and something called “Directional Audio”. The magazine goes on to say that this new console will just be called “Xbox”. Plain and simple, and more than likely given Microsoft’s current naming practices. As expected, the new Xbox will feature Kinect 2.0 implementation with rumored four player tracking and augmented reality. The console’s exterior is supposedly made of a magnesium alloy that will helpĀ dissipateĀ heat out of the back of the machine. Good, I’m tired of my console overheating.

While all of this is exciting to think about, nothing has been confirmed, and likely won’t until this next year’s E3. And by that point, we’ll be filled to the brim with rumors of Sony’s next console as well.

What do you guys make of all this? Is the next Xbox just a glorified PC, or something truly revolutionary? Let us know in the comments, or in our forums which we totally have.

Image and story via CVG

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