‘Borderlands 2’ autosave freezing bug a huge issue for some

 ‘Borderlands 2’ autosave freezing bug a huge issue for some

Remember that Badass rank reset bug that caused you to lose all your badass rank, golden keys, heads, and skins? Yeah, that happened to me. Another bug is now becoming more prevalent than others with the new autosave freezing bug. This issue occurs to some players as the game attempt to autosave and then proceeds to happen more and more often.

I first noticed this happening to myself when I opened up the Golden Loot chest and had the game freeze. It kept propagating until it got to the point where the game freezes during the initial loading screens. This means that I can’t play¬†Borderlands 2, on my profile, at all. There have been a number of methods to attempt to work around this bug, but they hardly work for everyone. It’s a huge bug that is extremely unfortunate for those, like myself, who have purchased the Season Pass. With Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage releasing today, all we can do is sit here and wait.

Gearbox asks those who are experiencing the issue to send the following information to their support team:

– Are you connected to Xbox Live?
– Exactly when and where are you experiencing the issue — at the title screen, in a certain area, after a certain amount of playtime, etc.?
– If you sign in to a different Xbox Live profile, does the issue still occur?
– What is the MFR Date and Serial Number listed on the back of your Xbox 360?

“Thanks for all the details and information on intermittent freezing especially at the loading screens and main menu, folks. It’s been extremely insightful and the team is continuing to explore and test possible solutions,” Chris Faylor, community manager at Gearbox commented. “We’re frustrated too, and are doing everything we can to root this out and get it solved. The team here spent years developing Borderlands 2, so everyone here is extremely motivated to make sure as many people as possible can properly experience it — out of all the known issues for Borderlands 2, this one is our top priority.”

Gearbox was hopeful that the last patch would fix these issues but it doesn’t appear as if that was the case. The biggest issue with this whole mess is the fact that there’s already a patch going through certification which is just now restoring some of the progress lost by the badass reset. This means that a fix is probably pretty far off, at least for the consoles. The fact that Microsoft requires certification doesn’t help at all.

If you’re experiencing the freezing bug, I feel you. Stay tuned as we’ll certainly be on top of this issue as it develops.

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