‘Blacks Ops II’ gets Nuketown 2025 map back

 ‘Blacks Ops II’ gets Nuketown 2025 map back

It doesn’t take long for a company to listen to its fans if those fans are angry enough. Yesterday evening, several players were startled to find that their preorder bonus of the futuristic version popular Black Ops map Nuketown was no longer available. This was following the proclamation of the server’s description claiming 24/7 Nuketown gameplay and the phrase “we never close.” Image the widespread rage when this tweet showed up from Treyarch employee David Vonderhaar, stating that the map and server were going away with Double XP Weekend.

Naturally, Twitter was immediately flooded with the collective rage of scorned players, mostly citing the fact that a promised 24/7 server had been closed before the game had even been out 7 days. It didn’t take long for Activision and Treyarch to go from defending their position (calling the playlist name “tradition”), to promising that the map would return for events, to finally reinstating the map altogether. Though the map is no longer part of its own playlist, it has been integrated with the rest of the maps into a playlist called “Chaos Moshpit.”

It’s funny how quickly companies work when they stand to lost a chunk of their fanbase, isn’t it? I’ve since moved on from the game, but it’s actually worth a look. Tell us about your favorite maps in the comments, or visit our forums!


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