‘Uncharted: Fight for Fortune’ announced for PS Vita

 ‘Uncharted: Fight for Fortune’ announced for PS Vita

Remember that listing for a new Uncharted game? Well, it’s definitely not what you think. Unless you thought it was going to be more like Metal Gear Acid then you’re almost right.

Sony announced Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, a turn-based battle card game. You play as either a good or evil set of Faction cards against your opponent and equip them with buffs. Each Faction card can be equipped with Resources and Fortune cards. Resources are guns or helpful items where Fortune is more bonus perks. After setting your cards up, head to battle and hopefully win!

In addition to this new game, Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be receiving a patch so that you can find the 300 artifacts in the game and use them to buff your cards. If you’ve already found a good amount of them already, they’ll transfer easily to the card game. You can play against AI or your friend and even if you don’t have Golden Abyss, you can still have fun.

You’ll be able to pick up the game for $4.99 on PS Vita. It’ll also include some DLC in near future with more cards. Check out the trailer below.

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Source: PS Blog

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