Sega set to announce new game on Nov. 22

 Sega set to announce new game on Nov. 22

A teaser site that went live overnight reveals that Sega is prepping to announce a new game on Nov. 22 in Weekly Famitsu magazine.

The teaser site shows an image of large metropolitan city with bats and other airborne creatures flying overhead. The site, titled “A.D. 2021 Tokyo,” simply states, “2012.11.22. On Weekly Famitsu!” This leads to the presumption that it will be set in Tokyo and have a futuristic setting.

The buzz around the web currently is that this will be a sequel to 2009’s 7th Dragon on the Nintendo DS and 2011’s 7th Dragon 2020 for the PlayStation Portable. To support this, a trademark was registered for 7th Dragon 2020 3rd Encount, in October by Sega Japan. Sega Japan has not made an official announcement for Encount yet, so it is possible that Nov 22’s announcement is for this game.

Are you a fan of the 7th Dragon series? Are you excited for the upcoming announcement, regardless? Let us know in the comments or head over to the forums to chat about it!

Source: Polygon

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