Nintendo’s Wii U e-Shop allows indies to set their own prices, patch freely


While much has been said about the Nintendo’s Wii U during launch, one thing most people haven’t have the chance to use until after updating it is Nintendo’s e-Shop. Some of the titles included Chasing Aurora, Trine 2: Director’s Edition and Mighty Switch Force alongside full Wii U retail games.

Speaking with developer of Trine 2, Frozenbyte said the e-Shop is being compared to the way Apple and Steam utilize their online shops. They’re able to set their own prices as they please, the possibility of having developer-curated sales whenever they want to.

They can also patch as free as they want similar to Steam. Services like XBLA demand you pay for a patch after using your first free one but the e-Shop might get a lot of that digital market from the indies.

As someone who hasn’t purchased a Wii U, this definitely is a reason for me to get it and hopefully, we get a ton of indie games on the Wii U. It can support Unity which most iOS and some console games are created from so quite possibly, we’ll get a large amount of games you’ve never heard of for the price they wanted to sell it for.

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Source: IGN

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