Screenshots of ‘Skyrim’ DLC Dragonborn emerge

 Screenshots of ‘Skyrim’ DLC Dragonborn emerge

Our return to Morrowind isn’t all that far away. In fact, Skyrim’s second large DLC, Dragonborn, releases in just over two weeks. When it does, we’ll once again visit Solstheim, the island to the north of Vvardenfell, which we visited in one of the Morrowind expansions.

Along with these screenshots it was announced that there will be new/returning armor types such as Bonemold for us to don.

If you missed the trailer that Bethesda released early last week, make sure to check it out! As an avid fan of the third Elder Scrolls, I’m really looking forward to making a return. It might not be focused on the locale, but it’s better than nothing!


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