‘The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left’ hits platforms next week


So it’s come to this. When we started The Walking Dead: The Game all the way back in April and over the months, we’ve been waiting patiently for each episode. Now after countless twists and turns, it all comes to an end next week.

Telltale announced that the final episode entitled No Time Left will be arriving to platforms next week. If you’re on PSN, expect it November 20 but for everyone else from XBLA to PC to iOS will be getting it on November 21.

If you still haven’t played them all, Telltale is releasing all of them in on a disc in December. You can read some of the details right here on our site.

Expect us to delve deep into this next week and who knows, maybe we’ll have a spoilercast podcast sometime? We just did it for Halo 4 so why not right?

Will you be picking this up next week? Let us know in the comments below

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