‘Primal Carnage’ DLC announced

 ‘Primal Carnage’ DLC announced

After launching last month, Primal Carnage has seen quite a bit of success. With some positive reviews under their belt, including my own, the folks at Lukewarm Media are hoping to keep the interest going with DLC. The first major piece will add a new objective based mode referred to as Get to the Chopper. Resembling modes from the well known Left 4 Dead series, the humans will have to progress along a linear path in the hope that they’ll reach a helicopter that will take them to safety. The dinosaurs, of course, are there to make sure that doesn’t happen. You can expect this free DLC later this month.

Additionally, new skins packs will be released periodically, the first of which will be dinosaur related. Five new skins, one for each class of dinosaur, will see the light of day later this month as well.

Will this be enough to get you to jump back into Primal Carnage? Let us know in the comments below.

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