Vita’s PlayStation Plus offerings, release date announced

 Vita’s PlayStation Plus offerings, release date announced

Vita owners everywhere should drop what they’re doing (except their handhelds…) and feast their hungry eyes on the blowout of offerings Sony is making to Plus subscribers. Ladies and gentleman, the following is the US list of free games with the EU details written below:

Unfortunately for Europe (and Australia), WipEout 2048Jet Set Radio and Final Fantasy Tactics don’t seem to be part of the deal, however these are apparently replaced by Chronovolt. Yay…?

Along with this service expansion will be the official v2.00 firmware update to the system, which will include various security patches as well as a new email application. There will also be an update to the Content Manager, which will allow wireless connectivity with PCs and incorporate performance improvements. For Plus members, online storage of 1GB will be available for save data along with automatic updates (similar to the PS3). For more details, check out the video below:

[youtube id=”DfcT2czrQk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

And finally, this will all be available on November 21st – next Wednesday.

What do you think about Plus coming over to the Vita? Does this tempt those who don’t yet own the system to jump on board? Shout out to us below.

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