Multiple glitches appear in ‘Black Ops 2’ multiplayer

Today marks the worldwide release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, as well as one of the more popular “sick” days for most jobs and schools. As you fire up your copy of the popular shooter today you’re more than likely to run into quite a few glitches.

If you’ve played a Call of Duty title you’ve more than likely seen your fair share of glitches at some point. From gamers hiding in rocks to the infamous “God mode”, you’ll probably cursed at least once at the Call of Duty series for something crazy.

To help you combat and be on the lookout for these glitches, we’ve assembled the most popular ones that we can find. Some of these are going to be tough to stop in multiplayer, but you’ll at least know what to look for and report when you see them online.

The glitches that you’ll see within this article have been uploaded to YouTube to various individuals from the Call of Duty community. Help Treyarch fix this issues by reporting them once you encounter them online or by sending them this article.

[button color=”red” link=”http://stickskills.com/2012/11/13/multiple-glitches-appear-in-black-ops-2-multiplayer/2/” target=””]Escort Drone Glitch[/button]

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