Bioware Montreal developing new ‘Mass Effect’ game, will use Frostbite 2

 Bioware Montreal developing new ‘Mass Effect’ game, will use Frostbite 2

Earlier last week, we reported that there would be a new title in the Mass Effect series as Case Hudson tweeted. Now in a blog post from Bioware Montreal, we’ve got some new details on what to expect.

First, it’ll be developed by Bioware Montreal who worked on the multiplayer for ME3 and the upcoming Omega DLC. There’ll be some assistance from Bioware Edmonton, Hudson remaining as Executive Producer, but there’ll be more day-to-day workers in Montreal helping out on the project.

One of the juiciest details is that the game will be using Frostbite 2 as a foundation, making it the first ME game utilizing DICE’s technology. But not the first Bioware game since Dragon Age III: Inquisition will be using it first. Not much else is known beyond that other than they’ll be respectful of the lore that the trilogy built upon and the switch to new tech will bring new directions through gameplay and story.

We probably won’t hear any more details other than that as they quietly work hard on the game. As long as there’s Wrex, it’ll be the best. Speaking of Wrex…

How do you feel about Bioware Montreal handling the new Mass Effect game? Let us know in the comments below

Source: Bioware

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