‘God of War: Ascension’ Ares trailer released

Sony Santa Monica’s 2013 blockbuster, God of War: Ascension, has received a new trailer that shows just a few of the talents you could possess by siding with Ares.

There will be a fully featured campaign in this PlayStation 3 exclusive, but most of the attention has been given to Ascension’s multiplayer. It’s the first time a game in the franchise has seen a competitive feature, and from the sound of it, which god you align yourself with will play a big factor in the outcome of each match.

So, why pick Ares? Siding with this god will give you the powers, weapons and armor of the God of War. If that isn’t convincing enough, you’ll be able to burn enemies alive with the power of fire. Ares is a relentless attacker, and one of the many gods you’ll be able to back in the final product.

[youtube id=”HEleKCKUfsI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Look for God of War: Ascension to hit the PlayStation 3 March 12, 2013.

Is this the god that you’ll be siding with in multiplayer? Would you rather just hear more about the campaign? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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