New GTA story details, in-game screenshots

 New GTA story details, in-game screenshots

A buttload of information about Rockstar’s newest instalment to their flagship franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, has been revealed in Game Informer‘s latest December issue of their digital magazine. Namely, the game will feature three main protagonists: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Interestingly, each of these characters will supposedly be available to play at any time, as the player will have the ability to switch between them to get a different perspective of the mission at hand. Gameplay-wise this will increase strategy as one character will be controlling the getaway vehicle, another will be engaging in close-range combat and the other will be able to snipe/pick off enemies from a distance.

Also, it’s been revealed that more missions will revolve around players engaging in heists. Most fans remember the Bank/China Town heist mission from GTA IV as one of the most engaging experiences the game offered, and should be an aspect to look forward to in GTA V. As an aside, those who enjoyed dynamic side-missions from Red Dead Redemption might be interested to know that similar will be available here in the form of hitch hikers, muggers and more.

Regarding the environment itself, Rockstar has teased that the world available to players will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV combined. That’s freakin’ huge, by the way.

And finally, while riding that hype train heading straight into Los Santos, be sure to check out the latest batch of in-game screens made available by GI. The game’s visuals seem to be a remarkable step up from the Rockstar’s current-gen efforts from back in 2008’s GTA IV.

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