‘Far Cry 3’ story trailer shows how far you’ll need to go to save your friends


Ubisoft have released a new story trailer for Far Cry 3, the video has a mostly somber tone and sets up the reason you’ll be fighting the insane savages on this mysterious tropical island.

We’re shown the group of friends having fun, jumping from a plane and drinking at a bad, then we see some of the locals having an equally good time. Unfortunately for the group a good time around these parts involves lots of torture and killing. You’ll be controlling Jason Brody, whose friends are being held captive by these insane locals. As we see in the trailer, Jason is going to be pushed to his limits as he discovers just what is needed from him if he wants to get his friends back.

Also, he punches a Shark in the face.

[youtube id=”YJpBeBllyxA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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