‘Halo 4’ comes with two weeks of Xbox Live

 ‘Halo 4’ comes with two weeks of Xbox Live

Don’t have a Gold account on Xbox Live but want to get in on the multiplayer action when Halo 4 releases on Tuesday? Well we have some good news for you, David Ellis, Spartan Ops designer has just confirmed that the game comes with two weeks of Gold for your enjoyment.

This includes the aforementioned weekly episodic content in Spartan Ops so you’ll get forty percent of the content for free, regardless of whether you pay for a subscription or not.

Ellis also pointed out that he believes this is the first time a game has launched with two weeks of Gold. This is most likely true but pales in comparison to the two months that Halo 2 shipped with. However, these days it’s rare to see a game contain more than a couple of days worth of Gold, so we’re not complaining.


Speaking of Spartan Ops, just earlier today we posted the trailer for Season 1.

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