‘Hotline Miami’ may come to the PlayStation Vita

 ‘Hotline Miami’ may come to the PlayStation Vita

Hotline Miami has been blowing up the indie world over the past week. With rave reviews, people are wondering if it’ll be coming to anything else but PC. A Mac version is on the way and consoles are a maybe but PS Vita might happen. Jonatan Söderström, developer at Dennaton Games has been ‘in talks with Sony’ about a version for Vita.

However, they lack the ability to port it themselves so they’d need someone to port it for them. Jonatan is also looking towards re-working the system for touch-based interfaces. Sounds like a challenge given how tense the game is.

Think this would be a perfect Vita game? Let us know in the comments and our review of Hotline Miami should be up soon.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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