Cliff Bleszinski wants to fix ‘Resident Evil’

 Cliff Bleszinski wants to fix ‘Resident Evil’

Cliff Bleszinski, fondly known as Cliffy-B, offered a helping hand to the folks at Capcom, hoping to help the Japan-based gamemaker rebuild the Resident Evil franchise.

“Hey Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together,” said Bleszinski in a tweet over the weekend.

Bleszinski, who recently left Epic Games after creating the quite successful Gears of War and Unreal series, is not the only one who’d like to see some new life breathed into one of Capcom’s premier lineages. The most recent entry, Resident Evil 6, did not fair well critically, save for a few adoring reviews.

Now, with lots of time on his hands, Cliffy-B may be joking around, but he could also be looking for a project to take on. His Twitter feed reveals a number of recent industry-related visits, including trips to the studios of EA, Double Fine, Activision and even Zynga. It seems, despite his desire for a “much needed break,” Bleszinski is getting a bit antsy with all that freedom.

Bleszinski has not commented further on any specifics about Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise or their potential solutions, and it is currently unclear whether or not the company will reach out to the acclaimed game designer.

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