‘Remember Me’ out next May, running two contests

 ‘Remember Me’ out next May, running two contests

Capcom’s upcoming sci-fi tale Remember Me will make it’s way to a PC, PS3, or 360 near you next May, and to build some hype the publisher’s running a few contests as well. Set in the city of Neo-Paris in 2084, Remember Me follows memory hunter Nilin as she tries to track down her forgotten past in a world where memories have, ‘become a real world commodity that can be bought, traded and sold.’

As such, each contest deals with these ideas. The first one, which is already underway, requires contestants to make elaborate billboards for the city of Neo-Paris. Select entries will then become part of the futuristic cityscape.

The second, which started yesterday and goes until November 29th, asks people to submit images of their most cherished memories alongside a brief description of the event. These images may be used during the Memory Overload sequences, which will be part of one of Nilin’s attacks. To stay up to date with these contests, keep an eye on the game’s official Facebook page.

Are you going to try your hand at one of these contests? Let us know in the comments below.

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