‘Halo 4’ the most important, expensive Microsoft game

 ‘Halo 4’ the most important, expensive Microsoft game

Microsoft has some seriously massive franchises under its belt, but studio head Phil Spencer stated in a recent interview with Polygon that Halo 4 is the most important, expensive game in the company.

There’s an impressive audience gingerly waiting to step back into the armor of Master Chief, and all those fans just sitting around at home until they get the chance to throw their money at Microsoft have allowed the franchise to grow into the biggest one the studio has to offer.

“[Halo 4’s] the most important entertainment product in the company,” Spencer said.

It’s also a $3 billion franchise, which means there’s “nothing even close” in price over at Microsoft. That’s a lot of money spent on producing the perfect T-bag.

This significant piece of the gaming industry will be launching on November 6 for Xbox 360.

Did you know that Halo cost this much money to make? Are you buying it in a few weeks? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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