Rumor: ‘PlayStation All-Stars’ final boss revealed

 Rumor: ‘PlayStation All-Stars’ final boss revealed

You can’t throw all of the mascots of a company into one game and not have a good reason (besides, you know, money). Like Super Smash Bros’ Master Hand, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale also has a final antagonist for the player to face off against. Until now, this character has been a mystery, but recent info on the game points to some possibilities.

PlayStation Lifestyle has already revealed the music that will be playing during the final boss battle, and a voice clip of said antagonist. A hacker has reached into the beta files and uncovered apparent evidence that points to the boss either being Polygon Man or the Negativitron. The former used to be a mascot used to promote the PlayStation brand. PSLF points out an interview with the developer that remarked that the boss, whoever he will be, will be very familiar to fans.

The Negativitron, of course, is the villain to LittleBigPlanet and, to me, a far more likely candidate for the role. The antagonist also seems to match up with that hacker’s spoils, as well. My money is going to the Negativitron because of the character’s ability to transcend universes like in LBP2, and his pure evilness. I mean, the dude tried to destroy happiness and creativity!

Of course, it’s really possible that the boss is neither of these two characters. What do you all think/hope for? Tell us in the comments or discuss your favorite characters in the forums!

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