Rumor: ‘DiRT 4’ teased through new images

 Rumor: ‘DiRT 4’ teased through new images

A new DiRT game, possibly DiRT 4, has been teased by one of the game’s developers through a recent string of tweets and images.

Paul Coleman, chief game designer over at Codemasters, decided he’d spend the day teasing fans of the DiRT series with two tweets that are difficult understand. First, he showed us a picture of this car and included a DiRT hashtag.

The second tweet essentially followed the same pattern, but this time he at least apologized for how cryptic he had to be about the project.

Whether or not this will be some sort of side project or the next title in the DiRT franchise is still unknown, but when Coleman starts tweeting about cars with the DiRT hashtag, we should probably all listen.

What do you think about these tweets? Will we be seeing a new DiRT game soon? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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