Firaxis announces ‘Slingshot’ DLC for ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’

 Firaxis announces ‘Slingshot’ DLC for ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’

2K Games and Firaxis have announced that two downloadable content packs are set to be released for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. First up will be “Slingshot,” which will add new story content to the game in the form of  a set of linked Council missions focusing on China. In addition to three new maps tied to those missions “Slingshot” will feature a new unique squad member, named Zhang, who will have a his own pre-designed face and voice.

In order to access the new missions players will have to start a new game, they will in fact be the first mission offered by the Council. Completing the DLC will unlock early access to the Blaster Launcher, a powerful weapon which normally can’t be researched until very late in the game.

Details of pricing and release have yet to be announced, but some additional DLC is now available. This comes in the form of the “Elite Soldier Pack,” which many players got for free as a pre-order bonus. The pack allows for some extra customization options to your XCOM squad. Those who didn’t get the pack with their copy can now pick it up for $4.99 on PS3 and PC or 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.

If you haven’t checked out XCOM yet, read our review to see what you’re missing. If you have picked it up already, let us know your thoughts on the DLC in the comments below.

Source: Joystiq

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