Rumor: PS4 and Xbox 720 being unveiled at E3 2013

 Rumor: PS4 and Xbox 720 being unveiled at E3 2013

There’s a new rumor every few minutes concerning when, where and how the next generation of consoles will be revealed, but the official website for E3 2013 has just dropped a few hints that may be worth investigating.

We expect any sort of update on the site to hype the event as much as possible, but the text that now appears on the front page gives the impression that something big may be dropping at the next show.

This is the year.
This is the E3 you won’t want to miss.
See What’s Next in Video Games at E3 2013
E3 brings you to the epicenter of the video game industry.
Experience the latest in ground-breaking technologies and test-drive products for
consoles, PCs, mobile phones, handheld systems and the Internet.
It’s interactive entertainment. It’s video games.
It’s what’s next now.


Phrases like “This is the year” and “It’s what’s next now” could just be empty talk, but with new hardware projected for the end of 2013, it’s difficult to not excited about even a mention of something like this.

For now, we just hope all of this talk will be backed up next summer.

What do you think about the wording of this post? Do you think we’ll see the next consoles at E3 2013? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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