‘NCAA Football 13’ fourth title update now available

 ‘NCAA Football 13’ fourth title update now available

College football has been absolute mayhem this year, and that’s been more than enough of a reason to keep playing NCAA Football 13. Showcasing their continued support of the title, EA SPORTS has released the fourth title update for their college football title.

The fourth update isn’t delivering anything major, but fixes quite a few smaller issues that had become annoying to the franchise’s fans. Continue viewing below for the full list of updates coming to NCAA Football 13 today.


  • Fixed issue where running the no-huddle was taking too long.
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes not breaking the huddle.
  • Fixed it so receivers won’t slip as much on the turf when it is raining.


  • Fixed it where prospects were softly committing to schools even though they were not on that school’s recruiting board or showed any interest.
  • Fixed some recruiting logic where CPU teams were not offering scholarships to some prospects.
  • Fixed an issue with uploading highlights to Dynasty Wire.
  • Made the sorting on the Recruiting more user friendly so that it remembers previous sorts.
  • Fixed an issue where a prospect with low interest was getting changed to “N/A”.
  • Fixed an issue where some Online Dynasties were losing players and coaches.
  • Fixed a problem where promises were getting deleted.

Online Head-to-Head

  • Fixed a reporting issue where if someone went offsides three times it forced their opponent into a loss.


  • Increased the stability of the product by fixing various crashes.

What fix are you the most happy the team addressed? What do you feel still needs to be tuned or correct in NCAA Football 13? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NCAA Football 13 in our forums.

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