‘Borderlands 2’ game save files being killed by ‘Graveyard’ glitch

 ‘Borderlands 2’ game save files being killed by ‘Graveyard’ glitch

If you’ve played Borderlands 2, it’s quite simple for you to realize that it’s a game that you can put a ton of hours in to very easily. How would you feel if your save file were rendered useless and you had to start over? That’s a harsh reality that gamers are beginning to face.

For the Xbox 360 and PC crowd, there’s a dangerous infection glitch that’s happening on Borderlands 2. Gamers are reporting issues that their save file has been changed to “graveyard.sav”, rendering it totally useless to them.

This infection glitch is apparently rumored to spread from player to player. Whether you invite a player or they join your game randomly, any individual that contains this “graveyard.sav” file can have it unknowingly pass to your system to erase your saved data.

When the glitch hits your system, you’re unable to functionally respawn once you die. Instead, you’ll be populated into a “free roam” camera of sorts that never lets you join back as your character. Your only options are to either turn off your system or restart, but at that point you’ve completely lost your data.

The glitch apparently started within the modding community, and they seem to be the only individuals that are able to save you at this point. If you find the glitch has hit your game, it appears the only option is to find someone who is familiar with modding the game to try and revert the changes.

No official word has been released from Gearbox Software yet, but we would expect them to comment on the situation very soon. Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Borderlands 2 in our forums.

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