Sony delays launch of new PS Store in Europe

 Sony delays launch of new PS Store in Europe

The snazzy new PlayStation Store is coming soon to a PlayStation 3 near you, but technical issues have slowed the pace of the update’s global roll-out.

The changes to the store were scheduled to go live in the UK and Europe yesterday, but since Sony believes it’s “really important that the best possible Store experience” is given to its customers, the update was quickly reverted after people began to report various problems.

Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and many other territories are currently sporting the new look, but some other areas will just have to wait until everything’s sorted out.

If you live in the US, though, expect to see it October 23.

Do you live in one of the areas where the Store update is being delayed? Are you looking forward to the changes? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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